About me


Sun Sun

I am senior lecturer at the School of Design at the Northumbria University UK.

With a PhD in Design Sciences (2012), I am specialized in Digital Cultural Heritage design. I have been researching and teaching in leading research centres such as Iuav Faculty of Arts and Design ITA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA, School of Museum Studies in Leicester UK, University of Cambridge, and now Northumbria School of Design UK.

My research is at the intersection of Digital Cultural Heritage, Design, and Organisational studies for the study of human-centered design (e.g Design Thinking, Service Design, etc.) and its practices in cultural heritage institutions, including visitor experience design (e.g. App, AR, VR, Wearable Tech, and AI); Museums Digital Transformation ( by design).

2021-2023 Principal Investigator AHRC funded project (UKRI – £249,793) titled “Designing in the Digitally Mature Museum: Refocusing Design From Technology To Human Practice

2019-2020. Digital Fellow AHRC major project “One by One: Building Digital Confident Museums” (School of Museum Studies Leicester; PI: Professor Ross Parry)

2016-2018. Principal Investigator as a Marie Skłodowska Curie research fellow (H2020 – €195,454) at the University of Leicester (School of Museum Studies) and University of Cambridge (Fitzwilliam Museum), titled “Design Thinking for Digital Heritage.”

2016-2017. Postdoctoral member at the Clare Hall College, University of Cambridge UK

2012-2015. Principal Investigator as a Marie Curie research fellow (FP7 – €271,943), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Science Technology Society Program) and the University of Leicester (School of Museum Studies), titled “Digital Media for Heritage: Refocusing Design from the Technology to the Visitor Experience.”


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