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Sun Sun

I am originally from Italy and I live in Leicester UK

With a Ph.D. in Design (2012), I am specialized in Design Research for digital media. Since 2007, I have carried on different research and teaching activities in the field of digital media design for cultural heritage in Italy, USA, and UK. My research is at the intersection of Museum and Digital Heritage studies, Social Science and Design Research for the study of digital media design and its practices in cultural heritage institutions.

I am currently conducting my second Marie Curie project (H2020 Reintegration Grant), titled “Design Thinking for Digital Heritage: Developing Communities of Design Practice for Visitor Experience.” It is a joint project with the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and the University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum (secondment).

In October 2015 I successfully concluded my first Marie Curie fellowship (International Outgoing Fellowship – FP7), titled “Digital Media for Heritage: Refocusing Design from the Technology to the Visitor Experience” that aimed to investigate design theory and practices of digital media for cultural heritage. The research was conjunctly  conducted by the Program in Science, Technology, and Society  at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester UK.

I am reviewer of the Museum & Society International Journal and The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum.

I was Visiting Professor at the University of Cagliari,  Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in May 2017.

I am Postdoctoral Affiliated member a the Clare Hall college, University of Cambridge.

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