Digital Media for Heritage

Digital Media for Heritage: Refocusing Design from the Technology to the Visitor Experience was a  Marie Curie Action, International Outgoing Fellowship – FP7. It aimed to investigate existing design methodologies of digital media for cultural heritage.

3 years (starting date 1st Oct 2012 – successfully concluded in Oct 2015)

The research was conjunctly  conducted by:
the School of Museum Studies (University of Leicester, UK);
and the MIT Science, Technology, and Society Program and MIT Museum Studio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Dr. Giasemi Vavoula (School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK)
Professor John Durant (Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT)

The objective of this design research project was to investigate digital media design methodologies  in the museum context by analyzing existing (ex post) digital media information system projects.

The methodology was turned to theoretical reflection. By following a qualitative research methodology (processes, methods, and techniques), we I surveyed inquired and analysed digital media design projects for museums. Significant digital media projects were examined (ex post) through qualitative interviews (with external design team and museum practitioners) and analysis of the documents produced during each design process.

The research project produced outcomes in publications, lectures, conferences , projects, and, also, the fertile terrain for a second Marie Curie project.

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