Webgis design

Webgis: setting the user in the application core aimed to investigate how design contributes to creating both effective multimedia interfaces and accessible information for citizens. I collaborated with Platenek-Italia which funded the research – one of the main Italian operator in the field of information sciences applied to land management. I acquired experience in linking analytical conceptual research with industry objectives. The results were: the design of two geoportals for the Venice City Council and the Region of Emilia-Romagna; I participated at an international conference and I published a paper; I wrote a research report by which I provided design principles and guidelines about geoportal design (evaluated ‘good/excellent’).

Sponsor: http://www.planetek.it/eng

Eckert and M. Mason. 2010. From Social Relevance to Design Issues. Proceedings of 6thSwiss Design Network: ‘Negotiation on Futures – Design Fictions’, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 150-157.