Dedalo Minosse International Prize

Dedalo Minosse International Prize: Villa Valmarana “AI Nani”

Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building, is promoted by ALA – Assoarchitetti and Regione del Veneto.
The Prize, founded in 1997, is biennial and is currently in its eighth edition.
The Prize would boost the quality of architecture looking at final result, analysing and focusing on project and constructive plan process and giving a special attention to people who determine the success of the work: the architect and the client, supported by the project executors (the building firms) and the public administrations.

I collaborated with Studio Th&Ma

Restore Works of Villa Valmarana “AI Nani” in Vicenza (Italy)
Commissioned by: Angelo, Maria Carolina, Cecilia, Camilla Valmarana
Renovation Works Project: arch. Clemente and Giacomo di Thiene, 2007
Graphic design, digital models, and rendering: Dr. Arch. Marco Mason