Congress of Design – Catalonia 2010

1st International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia
Sabadell, Barcelona ES, March 2010 organized by the Higher School of Design, ESDi

Jan Eckert and Marco Mason

The article deals with the aspects connected to the contest of the WebGIS technologies and, it focuses its attention on the investigation of the multimedial visual interfaces apt to manage geo-territorial information throughout advanced informatics systems, with particular reference to the users and the rule they may assume within the construction, the management and the use of informations. The point of view is that of the designer who intends to suggest effective methodological process and design tools he disposes of.
Visual interface design can not be the only way to design an effective geographic interface because of the complexity and quantity of data. Paradoxically the visual design come just as the last step of the design process. It is the result of system use of interaction design, information design.
In this paper we are going to explain a possible design way to whoever approaches  WebGIS interface issues, in order to design effective information space.

Jan and Marco presentation is at 18th min:

Lutzia Ortiz – Marco Mason y Jan Eckert from ESDi on Vimeo.