Module of Digital Media and Curatorship 2015, 2017 and 2018

Digital Design and Implementation for Museums and Galleries is part of the MA/MSc or Postgraduate Diploma at the School of Museum Studies – University of Leicester.

“The past decade has seen museums and galleries moving on from concerns about whether they should be ‘doing digital’ to how they ought to do it to achieve maximum benefits. Digital is here – our challenge now is much more about how to use it creatively and purposefully. Today, we need to develop the skills to analyse the socio-technical context of the museum and its audiences, to design engaging experiences within that context, and to know how to reflect upon the new socio-technical context that results from this process.This module focuses on these core stages of ‘analysis’, ‘design’ and ‘evaluation’. Through case studies, practical exercises and group discussions we will explore together the application of different methods, techniques, and approaches for each of these three stages. As we do so we will also be exploring the devices, delivery platforms and activities that are the building blocks of a digital product – delving into the analysis of mobile experiences, the design of museum games, and the evaluation of websites.”

My contribution to the module of Digital Media and Curatorship consisted in lectures on Human-centred Design for digital media in museums and Design Thinking workshops.